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  We operate a network of local bus services operating between Bangor and Aberystwyth, Tywyn and Newtown and local services in the Machynlleth, Dolgellau areas.

Click on the links below for information about your local bus services.

To help you get your timetable information quickly we have divided this page to the following headings:

1) Bus timetable information - available in downloadable A4 format.  Scroll down & click on the relevant bus service timetable.

2) Book-a-bus timetables - our local dial-a-ride timetables to the Machynlleth area, downloadable & printable in A4 format.

3) News & amendments about your services - here you will find any changes that have been made to your services, i.e. times, routing etc.

4) Special offers and promotions - ticketing deals and promotions on your services

5) Help us give you a better service - 8 point guide on using our services

6) Useful web links - links to other websites such as councils, education centres - academic calendars (certain journeys on our timetables operate school & college days only) & weather and travel.

7)  Company's conditions of carriage and other policies

You may also wish to visit the Met Office website for weather information before you travel by clicking HERE or the Welsh Assembly Government's Traffic Wales website by clicking HERE or the BBC Travel news website by clicking HERE.

Before you travel please also check our Bus Service Alerts page which will inform you if any sudden changes to the normal advertised bus service at times of sever weather conditions or flooding that may affect your service.  For details please click HERE.


BUS SERVICE ALERT : Thursday 09 January, 2014 at 09.40am

All of our services are operating as normal.

Any developments will be shown here and also on our Facebook and Twitter sites.

If you have any queries please contact us on 01654 702 100.

Please visit our bus service alerts page for more details by clicking the following link : Bus Service Alerts .


1) Your local bus service timetables

Llwybr / Route
Darlun cloc 24 awr a'i ddefnyddir yn yr amserlenni isod / 24 hour clock illustration used with the timetables shown below
Darlun o'n rhwydwaith bysiau  / Our bus service network Map
28 Tywyn - Llanegryn - Llwyngwril - Fairbourne - Dolgellau
29 Tywyn - Sandilands - Promenade - Tywyn (Clipa)  
30 Tywyn - Abergynolwyn - Minffordd - Machynlleth / Dolgellau
35 Blaenau Ffestiniog - Oakeley Arms - Dolgellau Updated Version
36 Machynlleth - Penegoes - Aberangell - Dinas Mawddwy - Dolgellau
38 Dolgellau - Barmouth - Harlech - Oakeley Arms - Blaenau Ffestiniog Updated Version
34 Machynlleth - Corris - Aberllefenni
34A Machynlleth - Cae Crwn
X27 Dolgellau - Machynlleth  
30/34/X27 Tabl o grynodeb o'r gwasanaethau rhwng Corris Uchaf, Braich Goch a Machynlleth

30/34/X27 Summary timetable of all services operating between Upper Corris, Braich Goch and Machynlleth

X28 Coastliner * Machynlleth - Aberystwyth Updated Version


X29 Coastliner * Llanegryn - Tywyn - Machynlleth
X28/X29 Cambrian Coastliner - Coast to Coast network Llanegryn - Tywyn - Machynlleth - Aberystwyth (crynodeb/summary)
T2 TrawsCymru Bangor - Dolgellau - Machynlleth - Aberystwyth Updated Version
X26/X85 Machynlleth - Newtown/Texplan
T3 TrawsCymru Barmouth - Dolgellau - Bala - Wrexham Updated Version
585 Lampeter - Aberystwyth (August 2016)
* - The X28 Coastliner & X29 Coastliner services operate as a part of our Cambrian Coastliner Coast to Coast network providing quality and reliable services embracing traditional, local and old fashioned values in the way we deliver our services to you our valued passengers linking the coastline of Tywyn with the coastline of Aberystwyth via Machynlleth with connections available between the X28 Coastliner & X29 Coastliner at Machynlleth.
Bysiau ysgol newydd Bro Dysynni new school buses - 09/09/13
Bws Ysgol/School Bus 524 : Gwastadgoed - Ysgol Llwyngwril (Safle Bws/Bus Stop) - Rhoslefain - Ysgol Craig Y Deryn School, Llanegryn
Bws Ysgol/School Bus 525 : Tal-y-Llyn - Abergynolwyn - Dolgoch - Bryncrug (Eglwys/Church) - Ysgol Craig Y Deryn School, Llanegryn
Bws Ysgol/School Bus 526 : Abertafol - Aberdyfi - Ysgol Aberdyfi (Safle Bws/Bus Stop) - A493 (Cyffordd Fferm Dyffryn glyn-cul Junction) - Ysgol Penybryn School, Tywyn


2) Dial-a-ride Service Timetables

Llwybr / Route
T36 Machynlleth - Cemmaes Road - Dinas Mawddwy
T37 Machynlleth - Forge - Aberhosan


3) News & amendments about your services

Service Number Amendment news & notices about your services Effective dates Notice
Network Fare increases as from 09 September 2013    
Dyfi Biosphere Bus The new summer 2013 Dyfi Biosphere Bus is introduced.   Poster
Gwynedd services Gwynedd Council increase the price of the Gwynedd Red Rover.

New prices : 6.80 adult (from 6.40) / 3.40 child (from 3.20).

03 April 2013  
34A/36/X85 Powys County Council increases fares on contracted services

Powys County Council will be raising fares on Wednesday the 2nd of January 2013.  Please click the following link for a copy of the council's notices that are displayed on our buses. Please click HERE.


03 January 2013 Poster
Network Our local bus arrangements for Christmas and the New Year. 23 December 2012  -     03 January 2013 Poster
28 The 0800 journey from Tywyn to Dolgellau will be retimed to leave at 0755 as from Monday. 05 November, 2012 and will operate 5 minutes earlier throughout.


05 November 2012 Poster
T2/X27/X28 New T2 service from Aberystwyth to Bangor replacing Arriva's X32 service with additional journeys on services X27 and X28.  See below for details.


24 September 2012  
34A/36/X85 Powys County Council increases fares on contracted services

Powys County Council will be raising fares on Sunday the 29th of April 2012.  Please click the following link for a copy of the council's notices that are displayed on our buses. Please click HERE.

29 April 2012 Powys County Council Notice


Changes to our bus network - please click on the summary link on the right and/or download our new timetables shown below. 01 April 2012 Changes to our network / Newidiadau i'n rhwydwaith
X27 We introduce a new bus service between Dolgelau and Machynlleth which joins our family of strategic trunk corridor routes.  Click on the link to the right for a copy of the new timetable.   X27 bus service timetable
Gwynedd Red Rover Ticket We have now been informed by Gwynedd Council that the cost of the Gwynedd Red Rover day ticket is to rise as from the 1st of April 2012. The price of an adult day ticket will rise from 5.40 to 6.40 and the cost of a child day ticket will rise from 2.70 to 3.20. We apologise to our passengers for this change but the decision has been taken by the councils who run the scheme itself. 01 April 2012  
28 Bus service 28 (Tywyn - Dolgellau) to be operated by Lloyds Coaches. 30 October 2011 See below
33 Bus service 33 (Dolgellau - Brithdir/Llanfachreth/Aberangell) to be operated in full by Lloyds Coaches. 31 October 2011 See below
X28 Coastliner Amended timetable with the introduction of a new state of the art double decker. 05 September 2011 See below
X85 Amendments to the timetable at the request of Powys County Council. 30 August 2011 See below
X28 - Bus/train integration The X28 and train between Machynlleth and Aberystwyth working together. 11 July 2011 See below
533 Temporary contract with Gwynedd Council.  See 33/36 timetable below. 07 February 2011 See below
33A Service route amended to include Uwch Y Maes, Dolgellau 04 January 2010 See below
30/34 Slight amendments to the timetable providing better connections at Machynlleth with service X28. 06 December 2010 See below
X29 We commence operation of our new X29 service between Llanegryn, Tywyn and Machynlleth. 06 December 2010 See below
X28 Our new exciting X28 bus service will commence operation on Monday the 21st of June, operating between Tywyn, Machynlleth and Aberystwyth. 21 June 2010 See below


4) Special offers & promotions available on your services

Tocynnau / Tickets Gwybodaeth pellach / Further details
  Following price changes from 09 September 2013 onwards.  
Lloyds Day Ticket


All services except 34A, 36, X85 and T2 service between Dolgellau and Bangor


Priced at 5.80 per adult and 2.90 per child (up to their 16th birthday) from 09 September 2013 onwards.

Buy the ticket on the first bus you board and use it all day on the Lloyds Coaches network of services including the T2 service between Dolgellau and Aberystwyth.

The ticket cannot be purchased on services 34A, 36, and X85 as they are council contracted services.

You will now be able to travel from Dolgellau and Tywyn to Aberystwyth for only 5.80 via our X27/X28/X29 family of servies.


X28 Coastliner * Weekly ticket deals are available on this service:  
Special offers 18.00 per adult between Machynlleth Railway Station and Aberystwyth/Aberystwyth Morrisons.  
  9.00 per child between Machynlleth Railway Station and Aberystwyth/Aberystwyth Morrisons.  
  10.00 per adult between Rhydypennau and  Aberystwyth/Aberystwyth Morrisons.  
  9.00 per child between Rhydypennau and  Aberystwyth/Aberystwyth Morrisons.  
X29 Coastliner * 5 day workers/scholars ticket (Monday to Friday):  
Special offers 26.00 per adult between Llanegryn/Tywyn and Aberystwyth/Aberystwyth Morrisons.  
  13.00 per child between Llanegryn/Tywyn and Aberystwyth/Aberystwyth Morrisons.  


5) Help us give you a better service by:

  • aros wrth safle bws cydnabyddiedig
  • rhoi arwydd clir i'r gyrrwr eich bod am i'r bws aros
  • fod yn gwrtais i'r gyrrwr drwy egluro'n glir y siwrnai yr ydych yn bwriadu ei gyflawni er mwyn sicrhau fod y tocyn cywir yn cael ei argraffu
  • edrych ar eich tocyn yn ofalus i wneud yn siwr ei fod yn dangos y gwybodaeth cywir i'ch siwrnai
  • cyfrif eich newid (ni fydd modd cywiro camgymeriadau wedyn)
  • cadw eich tocyn rhag ofn bod arolygydd yn dod ar y bws
  • cadw tocyn l a blaen mewn cyflwr da
  • canu'r gloch pan ddymunwch ddisgyn o'r bws er mwyn gofyn i'r gyrrwr aros mewn man diogel, gan ymadael 'r bws pan fydd yn llonydd yn unig
  • waiting at a recognised bus stop
  • giving the driver a clear signal that you wish the bus stop stop
  • be courteous to the driver and clearly state the journey you are intending to make, so that the correct ticket can be issued
  • checking your ticket carefully to ensure that it displays the correct information for your journey
  • counting your change (it will not be possible to correct mistakes later)
  • keeping your ticket in case an inspector boards
  • keeping a return ticket in good condition
  • when you wish to get off the bus, ring the bell to ask the driver to stop at a safe place, and only leave the bus when it is stationary

6) Traveline Journey Planner

You can also use the journey planner below, as powere3d by traveline Cymru (http://www.traveline-cymru.info) to plan other public transport journeys you intend making throughout Wales outside the Lloyds Coaches network.


7) Useful web links

Councils   Link
  Ceredigion County Council Link to website
  Gwynedd Council Link to website
  Powys County Council Link to website
Weather & Travel Met Office Link to website
  Traffic Wales Link to website
  BBC Travel News Link to website
  Traveline Cymru Link to website
  Arriva Trains Wales Link to website
Education Centre academic calendars Coleg Meirion Dwyfor Dolgellau Link to website
  Coleg Powys - Drenewydd/Newtown Link to website
  Ceredigion schools Link to website
  Gwynedd schools Link to website
  Powys schools Link to website
Journey Planners TravelineCymru journey planner Link to website
  transportdirect.info journey planner Link to website


8) Company Conditions of Carriage & other policies

General Conditions of Carriage LINK
Code of Practice For Disabled Passengers LINK
Our hire arrangements are subject to our Terms & Conditions of Private Hire LINK


For general travel information including planning your day's travel across many services operated by various companies, please telephone traveline or by clicking on the logo below.  You can also plan your route through the traveline journey planner available on their site.  
At times of influencing factors beyond the company's control such as adverse weather conditions, road traffic accidents etc, services will be subject to change at short notice.  The company cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies in information or short notice changes undertaken at such times. During these conditions the company will also not be held liable for any financial reimbursement mechanisms with our advertised weekly tickets if the operation of our services are hindered or not operated by factors beyond the company's control already described herein.
If you do not have adobe .pdf reader, click here to download a copy or by clicking on the logo on the right.